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Gladiator $92.95

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Combination $188.95

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Dr Neubauer Blades

        Blades Dr Neubauer Blades Harmuth Custom Blades Costomer Comments

Dr. Neubauer Kung Fu - All Around ~ 85g  7 Ply

Maximum effectiveness and very good control with pimples-out and Anti-Spin

rubbers  KUNG FU is our ne... (More Info)

Dr Neubauer Gladiator  All Around ~ 79g  7 Ply

GLADIATOR: Maximum effectiveness for blocking close to the table

This blade has been developed for use with rubbers such as Anti-Spin, long pimples

and short pimples.  It has a normal size and a special plywood....(More Info)

Dr Neubauer Combination Effect All Around ~ 70g  6 Ply

COMBINATION EFFECT: The new weapon for combination bat players

Dr. Neubauer COMBINATION EFFECT offers playing characteristics for which

combination b... (more info)

Dr Neubauer Barricade DEF Defensive ~ 52g  7 Ply

BARRICADE DEF: A defensive blade with excellent control

This blade has been conceived for all players defending away from the table.

BARRICADE DEF is also very effective for short blocking clo... (more info)

Dr Neubauer Firewall Plus All Around ~ 89g  7 Ply

FIREWALL PLUS: Our best-selling all-round blade

This enhancement of our best-selling all-round blade has a slightly modified plywood

composition and still offers an excellent control. FIREWALL PLUS enables a dy...

(more info)

Dr Neubauer High Technology Plus   Offensive ~ 64g  5 Ply

HIGH TECHNOLOGY PLUS: Offensive weapon with very good control

This second generation of our offensive blade offers a very good control for all


A new glueing technique together with the already existi... (more info)

Dr Neubauer Special   All Around ~ 68g  7 Ply

SPECIAL: The magical blade yet improved

New: 4th generation available!

Maximum disturbing effects and very short blocking when used with long

pimples(more info)

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