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Short Pips

        Rubber Anti Long Pips Inverted Short Pips

DIAMANT: The allround rubber with disruptive effect

Dr Neubauer DIAMANT is a new half-long pimpled rubber.

It offers very good control for service returning, blocking, attacking and defending,

thanks to its ver... (More Info)

Dr Neubauer Leopard

Very effective blocking on topspin or smash

Ability to produce deadly attacking strokes with 1.5 and 2.0mm sponge

This short pimple rubber will be a real challenge for your opponents. Blocking on

topspin or smash will prod... (More Info)

Dr Neubauer Tornado Ultra

Enormous spin and speed

Very dynamic rubber for blocking and hitting as well as counter-attacking

and topspin

Wobbling balls for your opponents and an excellent control

This innovation is a milestone for short pi... (More Info)

Dr Neubauer Pistol

PISTOL: The ultra dynamic offensive weapon

Thanks to a new production technique, PISTOL is much faster and powerful than

traditional short pimpled rubbers, even without the use of speed glue.

This short pimpled rubb... (More Info)

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