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DHS Slyline 3 NEO


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DHS Slyline 2 NEO



        Rubber Anti Long Pips Inverted Short Pips

Dr Neubauer Domination Speed

New built-in speed glue technology without any need for speed gluing

Our reversed rubber DOMINATION is now ...(More info)

Dr Neubauer Goliath Speed

Maximum speed for offensive play

This new reversed rubber uses a new type of sponge to offer the speed glue ...

(More info)

Dr Neubauer Special Defense

The new weapon for defenders

SPECIAL DEFENSE is our new reversed rubber development for the defensive

game... (More info)

DHS Slyline 3 NEO

offers continuous quick loop performance. "NEO" sponge , which is in the energy

storage status, makes rubber deformation come back quickly. Outstanding style of

continuous quick attack without any interspaces.

DHS Skyline 2 NEO

keeps the unique colloid with acerbity and glutinosity combined. The technology can

create strong and chaging spin by different methods (friction and deformation). The

beating power can penetrate into "NEO" sponge, which isĀ in the energy storage

status and gives player power to create more aggressive spin.

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