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Dr Neubauer Boomerand Classic

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The new defense weapon: long pimples with friction

BOOMERANG CLASSIC is very effective for classical defense. It allows a lot of backspin together with precise

control. Even powerful topspin shots can be returned with a chop which generates a flat flight path.

The rubber provides a decisive disruptive effect because the ball will

tend to stay low after the bounce.

Furthermore BOOMERANG CLASSIC enables a player to neutralize

the opponent's spin by either short passive blocking or faster

aggressive blocking. With either shot the ball will be returned without

any spin (a float effect), thus often causing the opponent to lift the

next shot off the table.

Counter-attacking can also be performed very easily. Even flat

counter-hitting of the opponent's chopped balls is possible.

BOOMERANG CLASSIC is a perfect choice for players who like to

use a mainly chop defence, but with occasional surprise attacks.


OX,  0.6,  1.0mm

Speed:  50   Control: 91  Effect:  68

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