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Dual sponge made from microfibre and leather for optimal rubber cleaning. The blue

microfibre side is a terrycloth type surface and it is used to apply the rubber cleaner.

The yellow chamois leather side absorbs cleaner surplus and leaves the rubber

totally dry and clean. Measures 13cm x 8cm and 4.5cm thick.

The Pechnique rubber cleaner is specially formulated to remove oil and dirt from your

rubber while preserving the original quality of the rubber. Your rubber lasts longer and

you play better! Comes in a non-aerosol pump spray bottle that's good for the

environment. 8 ounce size.


Spintech Aquabond is a water based (VOC-FREE) table tennis glue that meets with

the new ITTF guidelines. Thin speed glue for the optimum speed and unbelievable

touch for offensive players. This glue dries in approximately 10 minutes. When using

this glue on a new rubber, it is recommended that you apply at least two coats of

glue in order to achieve best effect and adhesion. How to use: 1) Apply Spintech

Aquabond on the sponge and let it dry for approximately 10 - 15 minutes . 2)  Apply

one light coat of Spintech Aquabond on the blade and let it dry completely. 4) Adhere

the rubber to the blade.

This is an applicator kit to be used for applying  Cleaner (cleaner sold separately).

Plastic cylinder measures 3" x 3". One pad which attaches by velcro to a red plastic

grip for applying cleaner.

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