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Anti Special $57.95

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Gorila $62.00

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Dr Neubauer Anti

        Rubber Anti Long Pips Inverted Short Pips

Dr Neubauer A-B-S

The new weapon for blocking close to the table

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Anti Special

Distinctively slower than our  Anti-Spin rubbers Gorilla and Grizzly and offer a much

better control. On top of that the rubber produces a very good spin reversal for a

highly effective blocking game close to the table.  (More info)

Now available with a new special sponge of 1.8mm!

GORILLA: The new benchmark for blocking close to the table

Outstanding playing characteristics for blocking and chopping

Excellent disruptive effect ...       (more info)

Dr Neubauer Grizzly

This innovative Anti-Spin rubber is particularly adapted to an all-round game.

GRIZZLY offers a good control and a great disruptive effect while blocking close to

the table.

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